Golden Goose with great discount. In the fall and winter season, a pair of Golden Goose's small dirty shoes is definitely the most indispensable item in the style. Unlike the same white shoes, each pair of Golden Goose shoes is dirty and unique, and it has a high-level atmosphere of ‘no trimming’.

Nowadays more people chase for differnce. They want to be sepcial, they want to be unique, they want to be recongized. What a man wears may tells what a man is like. Golden Goose shoes are so special that aficionado would like to weat it everyday while haters couldn't help to cleaning it. There's always people love it no matter believe it or not.

The shoes here are all made of real classsy leather, you can feel the softness of the shoes if you buy one pair. And the sole is 100% rubber that makes the shoes durable. And most importantly, they're cheap. Who wouldn't want to buy?