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Discussion: Recherche jean Diesel yarik 8bk

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    Recherche jean Diesel yarik 8bk

    DICK DOOLEY has raised the bar in information systems leadership. As chief information officer during the '60s and '70s at First National Bank of Chicago and Colonial Penn Insurance Co. in Norristown, Pa., he was studying people while other CIOs were studying flowcharts.

    As co-founder of the Society for Information Management and guru of its Regional Learning Forums, Dooley has transformed more than 600 IS managers from the sum of their technical and business parts into something better: self-aware people with a high capacity for learning and growth.

    Meanwhile, Dooley, 64, has evolved from a self-styled 'IS terrorist" to a spiritual leader of the technical community. But whatever the persona, he has always modeled the leadership qualities he tries to infuse. He recently talked with Computerworld senior editor Kathleen Melymuka.

    CW: What is it about your own life that led you to this kind of work?

    DOOLEY: When we were kids, someone sort of stole their family car, and we got a flat tire. It was terrible; we were going to get caught. I told them what to do to change the tire. The next day all of us thugs were standing around the street corner talking about it. and someone said, "Dooley took over.' I said, "Well, we needed to get it fixed." In almost everything I've ever done I've tended to operate at that level. If there's no need for leadership, I move on.

    CW: How has the typical IS leader changed during your career?

    DOOLEY: Some of the changes have been towards things I was into early. I always had a need to read, explore.

    [As a CIO,] I was always interested in the social and team aspects, the management process and leadership; developing the people. The people who worked for me thought I was just kind of a butterfly. Back then it was technical competence first and last. Today, if you're not outward-looking and don't have relationships with other turf owners, you don't play.

    CW: Who were your mentors, and what did they teach you?

    DOOLEY: The chairman of the First National Bank of Chicago taught me communication, a positive attitude and speed. My boss, who was between me and him, taught me focus and commitment: what it means to keep your word and follow through.

    CW: Why did you create the Regional Learning Forums?

    DOOLEY: There was a screaming need for it. With thin staffs and people so overcommitted, the idea of helping develop high-potential people is almost nonexistent. People haven't got any time.

    CW: When they stripped out middle management, they stripped out the mentors?

    DOOLEY: They stripped out all those people who took you to lunch and said things like, "You're talking too much at meetings." We used to get a lot of that on the job. Now there's nothing going on internally that's even close to that. But there's still a need.

    CW: What are you hoping to accomplish with the forums?

    DOOLEY: [Develop] capacities. [The learning hierarchy] is potential, skill, competency and capacity. Capacities are broader, deeper, more flexible and transportable. They can be used at any time, in any situation, in any industry.

    CW: Why are capacities so important?

    DOOLEY: When I was growing up, if you were world-class in IMS [an IBM mainframe software program], you were practically guaranteed a job for 10 years -- maybe life. Today, to be world-class at Lotus Notes doesn't guarantee you anything. You can't really count on skills and competencies today; you have to look for capacities. Leadership learning forums are about learning to learn; learning to change, to communicate, to build relationships.

    CW: What would I notice about someone who has been through a learning forum?

    DOOLEY: You can tell by the way they approach you: They're trying to add to your value rather than take it away. It shows in creativity: frequency of thinking out of the box. It shows in manners; protocol; understanding that there are times to speak and not to speak; that some issues are not worth arguing about.

    CW: What separates an IS leader from a manager?

    DOOLEY: Management is a little more characterized by how and what; leadership, by why and where and when. Leadership tends to be much more spiritual; management, much more physical. The two obviously overlap, but at the extremes they don't.

    CW: How can an IS manager nurture leadership among IS employees?

    DOOLEY: By setting a good example and communicating about it, by making it a topic of meetings, by allowing space for it. Don't do it all yourself; encourage people to pick up the ball and run with it.

    CW: Are you a saint or a heretic in the IS community?

    DOOLEY: I'm sure some would say heretic because I've always been a radical thinker. I have heard the phrase "spiritual leader" and I actually like it. I'd be pleased to be a spiritual leader.
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    check "diesel yarik" sur leboncoin - vinted - videdressing mec ça se trouve mais voilà voilà ça a 10 ans l'ami

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    Tu le portes depuis 10 ans ??? Ce ne doit pas juste être le fait qu'il se soit "craqué" qui te pousses à en racheter un

    Mais tu peux toujours le faire retoucher... Tu as repair jeans et d'autres dont j'ai plus l'adresse

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